Public and Media Relations and International Cooperation Department

Sector for Organization and Information Provision  

State Inspectorate of Education Institutions of Ukraine

 Public and Media Relations and International Cooperation Department (hereinafter - Department) is a structural unit of the Sector for Organization and Information Provision of the State Inspectorate of Education Institutions of Ukraine.

Within the scope of its responsibilities the Department implements the state policy in the area of public and media relations and international cooperation.


 Within its competence the Department manages the events on the issues of  current legislation enforcement on access to public information, as well as the relations od SIEI of Ukraine with public and media.

Within its competence the Department helds the events on initiating and developing of international cooperation of SIEI of Ukraine.


 Considering its key objectives the Department performs the following functions:

Comprehensive and prompt reporting on the SIEI of Ukraine’s activities in media; provision of posting to and maintenance of the official web-site of SIEI of Ukraine.

Organizational and information provision of press conferences, briefings, round tables, and other communication events with media representatives with SIEI of Ukraine’s management; posts the relevant information to the official web-site of the SIEI of Ukraine.

Within its authority, initiates and maintains the on-going contacts with press-services and public relations units of the President of Ukraine Administration, Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central and local authorities, unions of journalists, non-governmental organisations.

Provides the journalists with official information materials (within its scope) on the SIEI of Ukraine’s activity for their use by media.

Permanently and regularly monitors media and internet publications on the education events and  the SIEI of Ukraine’s activities in particular.

Provides  express analysis of comments, feedbacks, interviews, other materials in press, radio, and TV with the aim to promptly respond to the criticism towards SIEI of Ukraine.

Provides  methodology provision for consultation of public, seminars on the state inspection of education institutions’ activities.

Provides  all the necessary support to the meetings of advisory bodies of SIEI of Ukraine (public and expert councils) with information, communication, and analytical materials.

In due course considers the applications of physical and legal persons, prepares responses to the requests for public information in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information” on the issues under the scope of the Department’s authority.

Submits proposals on the unscheduled consultations of SIEI of Ukraine with non-governmental organisations on the specified agenda.

Upon the approval of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, liases with the embassies, delegations of Ukraine, international institutions with overseeing and controlling functions.

Within its scope drafts the international agreements, protocols, memos on cooperation in education area between SIEI and education institution inspection bodies, international institutions.

Prepares and provides support to protocol events related to receiving the delegations, embassy staff, foreign individuals in  SIEI of Ukraine.

Supports the implementation of exchange programmes for study and professional development, foreign experience share, participation in international education programmes

Supports the professionals on the implementation of the projects sponsored by international institutions, programmes and funds.

On the basis of the state regulations, develops the policy recommendations on education international relations.

Monitors the inspection bodies over the education institutions’ activities of neighbouring and distant countries.

Analyses materials coming from foreign institutions, international organisations, other institutions, and submits relevant proposals.

Performs other functions in line with the Department’s key objectives, including the tasks specified by the Sector and SIEI of Ukraine management.


Isaakiana St. 18,

01135 Kyiv, Ukraine

tel.: +38 (044) 236-33-11

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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