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Information and analytical system EvaluEd

Інституційний аудит


Information and analytical system for external evaluation and self-evaluation of educational and management processes in schools and certification of teachers (Teachers` evaluation).

External evaluation (Institutional audit) and self-assessment of educational institutions

The system is planned to cover 300,000 self-assessments and 30,000 external evaluations (institutional audits) of pre-school, schools, extra curriculum schools and vocational institutions within 10 years.

A module has been created in the system to help educational institutions conduct self-analysis of their educational activities in order to

  • improve the quality of educational services
  • create conditions for study and work
  • ensure partnership between all participants of the educational process

Based on the results of the self-assessment, the head of the educational institution will receive a generalized detailed report.

Certification of teaching staff (Teachers` evaluation)

When evaluating teachers, the EvaluEd system is applicable at the second and third stages of this procedure, namely:

  • self-assessment of pedagogical skills;
  • studying the practical experience of certification participants

Advantages of using the EvaluEd information and analytical system:

  • Transparency, minimization of subjective factors;
  • Tracking the dynamics
  • Data storage and digitalization
  • Obtaining information from various sources to analyze
  • Making decisions based on reliable data
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